GHL Resources

Want to make your Agency have superpowers? Here are a few third party resources we love that can take yours to the next level. 

1. GoHighLevel - GHL is an all-in-one white label solution for marketing agencies. Gohighlevel gives you the ability to offer clients everything they need to succeed from a full fledged CRM, Funnel and website builder, follow up system and more. 

2. UpHex - It's like a snapshot... for your client ad campaigns. 


UpHex is a game changer addition to GoHighLevel that allows you to run template ads directly from inside GoHighLevel. Imagine creating ads once just like you do with your client snapshots... then being able to run them again in just a few clicks for new clients. You could launch new client accounts in minutes. Further, if you are a SAAS GoHighLevel Agency, imagine your clients being able to launch their own campaigns in minutes. You could easily build a library of ads for them to launch on their own without the need to figure out the ads manager.   

3. Jarvis. Need help writing ads, blogs and copy? Jarvis is an AI that does an impressive job of writing solid copy. As someone who studies it nonstop... I was really pleasantly surprised with what this thing can spit out. You can give this thing a few details and it can spit out some really interesting copy. It can give you that serious starting point.